The Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) creates innovative opportunities for attorneys to provide pro bono civil legal services to benefit persons with limited financial resources.

Serving the Miami Valley of Ohio

The GDVLP is a pro bono program created in 1988. We are located at the Dayton Bar Association and are supported by Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO). Since our creation, our lawyers have proudly provided counsel to almost 22,000 cases consisting of over 87,000 hours. We serve as a complement to Legal Aid by registering private attorneys to provide pro bono civil legal services in civil case areas.  The VLP does no criminal work.

If you are not familiar with VLP and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to help you.  If you are a member of the Legal community please click on the Attorney Registration if you wish to sign up to help.

If you are looking for legal help, you must contact http://www.legalaidline.org/ and apply for assistance.  Legal Aid Line can also be reached at 1-888-534-1432.  Legal Aid Line does all intake for VLP.


Success Stories

A Pickrel Schaeffer & Ebeling attorney recently told us about his experience with a client that had stage 4 cancer, her lease and land contract had expired and she was not able to obtain financing to purchase the property she had been living in for many years.  The property had recently been purchased in foreclosure and was going to be put on the market again.  With her month to month tenancy, she was afraid that she would be forced to leave and she had no place to move to.  The attorney contacted the current owner and negoiated a renewable one year lease for the client client.  She now has the comfort of knowing that she will not be forced to move on a thirty-day notice.

Special thanks to Joe Oehler and his paralegal, Deni Ryan, through their efforts a client that has been denied disability for quite a few years has had that decision reversed retroactively.  Thanks for your hard work, I know the client greatly appreciates it!