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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is the best way to bring more joy into your life.  Using your skills, knowledge, and abilities to improve the life of an individual or family in your local area.  Let us help you help others and bring that joy into your own life. 


Get experience in areas of law you may not yet have.  Take an opportunity to stand in front of a judge and change someone's life.  Develop and improve your client advocacy skills. 

Law Students /
Summer Interns


First and Second Year Law Students can find meaningful opportunities to assist clients in projects that are not direct representation.

Third Year Law Students can become practice interns and take on representation under supervision of a licensed attorney.  Internships available, inquire with the Executive Director, Summer Hawks.

Paralegals / Staff


Not just lawyers can volunteer with us!  We can find projects to meet your individual needs.

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